Begriddled! Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions may be revised from time to time without notice.

These are general terms and conditions. If I, the copyright holder (Nick Rice), have said you can do something different, then of course you can. 

Using the names Begriddled and Begriddled!

I am happy for you to use the name Begriddled as a generic name for the type of puzzles, of your own design, that work with the Begriddled rules.

Note however that copyright is claimed on the formulation of those rules. You can reproduce those rules as described below.

(In case you are wondering about the applicability of copyright to something so simple as the Begriddled rules, I was advised to claim copyright on them by an intellectual property advisor, pending further advice.)

Begriddled! (with an exclamation mark) is a trademark and part of my own branding which you may use only with permission.

Reproducing the Begriddled rules

The Begriddled rules may be reproduced with clear and explicit reference to In all cases, including links on a website, the full text, “” must be shown. (So do not simply link to that address without that address being included in the link text, unless it is clearly included elsewhere on the same page.)

What you can and can’t do with Begriddled! puzzles

Begriddled! puzzles are subject to copyright and are not to be copied without the permission of the copyright holder.

In some cases permission is granted to copy and distribute a puzzle or set of puzzles freely for non-commercial purposes. These are clearly marked.

In all such cases the puzzle or set of puzzles must be copied and reproduced in its entirety as-is, including the copyright notice and any incidental content.

Examples of what is and is not permitted with these puzzles include the following

Examples of things you can do with a puzzle or set of puzzles with non-commercial use permission

You can give an copy to anyone you choose.

You can include it in a digital or paper (or any other material) newsletter provided it is a free newsletter freely available to the general public.

You can include it on and for download from a website, provided it is openly available to the general public for free.

You can make it available in your business provided it is free. So you could make it available for people to take home and doodle on at a cafe, dentist, anywhere really.

Example of things you cannot do with a puzzle or set of puzzles with non-commercial use permission

You cannot include it in any publication, whether paper, digital, or anything else, for which a charge is made.

You cannot sell it or include it as something that goes with something that is sold, unless you also make it freely available regardless.

You cannot modify it in any way.