How to solve Begriddled logic puzzles

The rules for drawing in the lines in a Begriddled logic puzzle are the same as for any Begriddled puzzle.

But with a logic puzzle, instead of being told the sequence you are given information that will enable you to work out that sequence for yourself.

Here’s an example. The sequence is made up of the ten numbers 0 to 9. But the order of the sequence? That you must work out from the rule that no shape is more than three numbers wide or tall.

See if you can solve it, or just go straight to the video underneath to see it done.

(A Begriddled shape is simply the full set of line segments that join together. If a line were a road, you’d be able to drive from any point on the shape to any other. But there would be no other road you could take from it.)

The numbers of a Begriddled logic puzzle example