Bible puzzles you can publish for free

Please visit for free puzzles with names from the Bible that you can download and publish in a magazine or newsletter, or print out to use in Sunday school, etc.

The downloads include both logic and “basic” puzzles. The basic puzzles are like this:

Example Bible puzzle

You can see the solution here.

And this:

Bible name puzzle example 2

But the best way to assess them is to download a set from and have a few of your puzzling readers try them out.

As of 7 May 2022 I’ve uploaded four sets of Bible name puzzles and might have done more by now.

Each set contains puzzles for 6 Biblical names, ranging from well-known to obscure, plus variations for different spellings in different Bible versions.

For each of those you get the two basic levels shown above PLUS a range of logic variations from almost trivial to extremely challenging.

Use the ones that have the best fit for your target audience.

I’ve also included example titles which you can use if you like. But because a title can make a huge difference to how easy it is tease out the name from the hidden letters, I suggest you devise your own to suit your purpose and audience.

Take ZECHARIAH, for example.

Teasing out the name from the letters can be quite a challenge, especially when you consider that in a puzzle Z and N look the same, as do C and U, and H and I.

The title “Someone in the Bible” would make it immensely more difficult to do than “King of Israel,” which in turn would make it a lot harder than “John the Baptist’s Dad.”