What's with these leaflets stuck on bins? etc

I’m Nick Rice, the guy who devised the Begriddled puzzle.

I’m using my exercise time to promote my puzzles.

I’m practising social distancing by walking at night or the early hours and, of course, avoiding coming within a couple of metres of anyone I should meet along the way. So I’m not handing the leaflets to anyone.

I’m sticking them on bins to avoid littering: if anyone is offended by them they can simply push it into the bin.

I hope you’ll join my Begriddled! email list (just provide an email address you have access to) and have a go at the puzzles in the eBook I’ll send you in return. You can unsubscribe from the list at any time, and I don’t mind if all you do is download the eBook and unsubscribe though, of course, I’d rather you stick around.

I’d also be grateful if you would share a photo of the leaflet, or even just the address www.begriddled.com/free, with your social network. Sticking a few notices on bins a short walk from the house isn’t going to reach many people!


     Nick Rice

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